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Food production is one of the most demanding sectors in industry. Uin Foods success lies in its awareness that skill and attention to detail are at a premium. A company byword is “We never forget every pizza we make is someone’s next meal.”

Uin takes care at every stage of the production process. This begins with carefully selecting suppliers and monitoring the quality of purchased ingredients. Uin constantly check and eliminate waste of energy and resources, cut out middlemen and focus strictly on what their clients need. Most important of all Uin constantly trains its staff – many of whom have gained SVQ’s. These attributes have allowed Uin to develop their position as a highly competitive producer of chilled value pizza.


In addition to its mainstay activities, Uin has professional inhouse food technology experts to support innovative but practical new product development.


Uin Foods serves clients such as Tesco (Everyday Value) and Lidl. Over recent years, despite fluctuations in business climate, it has scored a consistent record of growth.

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